Naturegift Berna 1000 C200 (Lemon Flavor)

A delicious healthy drink with high potency vitamins & minerals and antioxidants to support your holistic wellness.

  • • NatureGift as a brand of healthy beverage for weight management and wellness. We are proud to introduce the newly developed product, ”Berna 1000 C200”, a healthy drink with tasty lemon flavour. Simply by mixing one sachets of 11 .5 gram powder with 175-200 c.c. cold water or soda.
  • • Deliciously Nutritious with lemon flavour.
  • • 1 sachet provides 40 kcal
  • • High Vitamin C 200% with Zinc Chelate and Vitamin B12 to support your daily immune system.
  • • High potency vitamins and minerals to stimulate metabolism, burn fat, balance blood sugar, curb cravings, weight control and increase energy level.
  • • Plus Prebiotic Fiber which helps to promote the growth of friendly bacteria, Lactobacillus for our healthy gut.
  • • Fulfill NatureGift’s vision of integrating all benefits in one sachet for maintaining good shape and enhance good health.
  • • The quality of Berna 1000 C 200 is well –preserved in aluminium foil sachet, protects vitamins and minerals from deteriorative effects of sunlight, heat and moisture. You will receive the full range of benefits from our product, anywhere anytime.
  • • Berna 1000 C200 is manufactured from our modern processing plant which meets international standard, GMP and HACCP with an investment of 700 Million Baht.
  • • After each meal, enjoy Berna 1000 C200 to revitalize your body, enhance maximum metabolism and burn fat, better complexion and stay Fit &firm.
  • • The healthiness you can drink! Anyway Anytime!

NatureGift Berna 1000 C 200 5 Sachets/ Pouch (59 Baht / Pouch)

Available at 7-11 and Naturegift online store at Lazada and Shopee

For more information, please contact (02) 024-388