The activity of “NatureGift 90 Seats Vacation Giveaway 2015” had already been accomplished which was the campaign that
NatureGift’s customers wrote us the true story of their impression when using NatureGift’s products for weight reduction. 
Heart touching stories received the reward for 5 star Singapore – Universal package, 3 days 2 nights with complimentary
10,000 Baht pocket money for shopping and 500 sachets of NatureGift products. Dr. Kritsada (CEO of NatureGift) led
the group of previously overweight customers and them in luxurious , Mandarin Orchard located on the Orchard road;
with the trip to Universal, Garden by the bay, Singapore flyer, Shopping on the Orchard Road.  Our customers enjoyed
the savory dining experiences at Jumbo Seafood and Singapore’s famous chicken rice, Boon tong kee.  In this trip,
NatureGift arranged the special travelling package, dining and shopping for our “Real customers” who were formerly
overweight, but successfully lose their weight using NatureGift products.  Our customers were impressed with this trip
as they received “Good Friendship, luxurious dining and elegant,everything was free with complimentary
pocket money”
.  They were thankful to NatureGift for giving them a better body shape, they have more confident
posture when taking the photo.  In addition, they obtained the good experiences from drinking NatureGift products
which were beyond their expectation.

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