Back to the past 50-60 years, it was the golden agricultural period where the soil was much fertile and the agricultural products were plentiful.  At that time, there were less industrial wastes, less polluted environment, less utilization of inorganic fertilizer and pesticide.  Animals were raised without the use of antibiotic.  Unfortunately, after such agricultural era, there were extensive utilization of chemicals (inorganic farming) to improve productivity of crops and animals.  Continuous applications of inorganic farming lead to the poor quality soil and inferior food products.  Nowadays, people consume much lower quality food along with bad consumption habit which consequently have the negative effects on their health.

Dr.Kritsada, the founder of DK Health Product Ltd., Part, and NatureGift (Thailand) Ltd., Part. discovered that his poor eating and drinking habits were compounding the problem.  He was a long-time sufferer of allergies and has studied the degenerative diseases of Thai people such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity since 1987.

Dr. Kritsada found that most people are not health-conscious and they keep consuming low quality carbohydrates such as starch (white rice, noodle, white bread.), white sugar and fat.   These foods are nutritionally deficient, and our body is not satisfied.  We may be subconsciously driven to eat more, in a futile attempt to obtain the nutrients our body requires for optimum functioning and when large amount of junk foods are consumed, the excess will store in the body as well as build up on the blood vessels. These leads to several degenerative diseases, particularly heart disease which kill 7 Thai people an hour or kill 60,000 Thai people a year.  In addition, 6 million Thai people become diabetes and over 30% of Thai people become overweight. Therefore, some nutrients are required to convert them into energy and as a result reduce the risk of these diseases.

Dr.Kritsada has noticed that millions of Thai people are trying to lose their weight , increase fitness and improve their health and everyday millions of people drink coffee.  Dr. Kritsada gets the idea and combines these two concepts into a new revolutionary health and weight management product in 2003, . . . NatureGift Products.  This is the first innovation in Thailand and the results are impressive!!

“It was not until 40 that I experienced good health for the first time. When I was 54, I launched NatureGift Products to share these benefits and help people to improve their quality of life.  I use NatureGift Products daily to maintain my good health, and I strongly recommend them to you and confident that you will gain benefits from their health-giving properties.”